1. How much does the Advocate App cost?

The Advocate App is available from the Apple iTunes AppStore for £25.00 and also requires an Annual Subscription costing £25.00.

The App is available from the following AppStore:

  1. Apple iTunes Store

2. What does the £25.00 annual subscription provide?

The Annual Subscription provides continuing software updates including changes to judicial content, updates to tools and utilities where required. Judicial updates including updates to the Magistrates’ Court Advocate from The Sentencing Council, Court bench books and pronouncement cards from the Judicial College and other reference material including CPS Legal Guidance.

3. How do I obtain a subscription?

  1. Open the Purchases page and tap through the Annual Subscription. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID or to provide a Touch ID fingerprint to confirm the subscription.

4. How are updates obtained?

Typically we release updates through the Apple AppStore. You should check your AppStore for updates. You may also need to check that your device is using the latest version of operating system as some releases will require that platform to operate correctly.

5. How large is the Advocate App?

  • Advocate for Apple iOS is approximately 465Mb

6. Do you support both Adobe PDF and webpages?

The Advocate App provides the Magistrates’ Court Advocate in two the formats currently supported. These formats are:

  • the MCSG Adobe PDF file which includes offences and explanatory materials.
  • webpages from The Sentencing Council website providing offences and explanatory materials.

7. Can I add my own documents and resources into the Advocate App?

You can open documents with the Advocate App. This copies your document into the App. You can then file the document into a customised folder structure and also make the document a Favourite or Flagged item.

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.